The finishing touches. Trimmings seem to be a popular trend this summer for the Fashion industry but don’t forget about interiors, soft furnishings love a bit of trim too! It’s a stylish finish and that little detail can give your interior that extra special touch.

You can be smart or just have some fun adding trim to soft furnishings particularly curtains, blinds and cushions. There are lots of trims to choose from my favourite being the Pom Pom trim which is fun, playful and can really finish off your chosen item.

If you want to elongate your windows you can use trim cleverly by having it at the top and the bottom of your window treatment, this draws the eye up and down. A tassel trim would give this a bigger impact, block trims work also.

If you have children and have concerns of tassels being pulled / played with or maybe hanging trims aren’t really your thing we have solutions for this! Ribbon, block fabric trims, rickrack are all examples.

Alternatively if you don’t fancy having trim you can finish the window off with rich tassels or unique tie backs which can make a huge difference to a room. If you’ve chosen a plain blind or curtain material you can use a tie back to add some pattern and pops of colour.

Overall I think that trimmings can be great especially to jazz up plain fabrics but they can also finish off a patterned fabric using a trim with the same colours. It doesn’t matter whether you choose trim for your curtains or tie backs whether it be, pom-poms or fringe, beads or ribbon trim; it’s the little details which can have a decorative impact.


Picking colours for the home

Decorating your home can be a daunting task, there are lots of things to think about.

To name a few:

  • Colour
  • Flow and Continuity
  • Style
  • Wallpaper
  • Pattern

For those who don’t know where to start or are in need of some ideas and inspiration here are a few tips and tricks!

If creating light is on the check list there are a few things you can bare in mind. By using a darker colour in the hallways can make the adjacent rooms feel a lot brighter. Smaller spaces with minimal natural light too can work well with dark warmer colours, even bold pattern to create dramatic and intimate space instead of using white. However if you want a more minimal look having your woodwork a darker tone to the walls works well too.

It is important for some to have a sense of flow and continuity throughout their home and there are ways in which you can do this, by choosing colours on the same tonal spectrum, whether it be pastels, brights or even pattern.

If you want to add some pattern or texture to the walls in a room wallpaper would be the perfect solution the range is endless. You can be bold and really bring a room to life or a minimal more delicate paper to just add a little elegance. One wall works for the perfect statement piece too. However if you don’t want pattern pasted all over the walls consider the soft furnishing and accessories elements.

Overall there are so many online platforms to inspire you if this isn’t enough, Pinterest is a favourite of mine! Interior Designers are also there if you really want an expert opinion. If your home has a specific style whether its country or modern etc that can also help with the planning and selection process. As soon as you get going, you can eventually start to piece everything together and voila!

So.. Happy Decorating!

Kitchen ideas

The successful design of your kitchen is an imperative part of a working interior. The small details can really be what makes the design, for example, tailoring the space dependent on how you cook, also making it a joy to use. Whether it’s having jars of ingredients on show displayed on open shelving or something clean, white and more minimal. From ergonomic and aesthetic islands, to modular cabinets with hidden storage.

We have a selection of kitchen designs we consider to be very individual from each other but all make a beautiful kitchen. See which ones you like? The beauty lies in the fact that these work well in any style and size kitchen. Whether you live in a large farmhouse, townhouse, smaller flat or tiny ancient cottage, there are styles to suit them all.

New year, new me! 2017 trends

9 home trends that will help shape your room in 2017


01/09 Bright Green

Named the 2017 pantone colour of the year, greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization. This is the cheery shade you will see in not only home decor, but fasion and commercial design too!


02/09 Butterflies

They are starting to appear more in design as a happy motif. Used as home decor and in products. A symbol of optimism and grace, it is no longer linked to a child’s bedroom, but used in a variety of sophisticated spaces.


03/09 Mixed patterns

First spotted in 2016’s New York fashion week, this decor idea will appear even more in 2017. The pattern lovers can this year be content knowing that no statement piece is too much or too busy.


04/09 Faux finishes

This year faux finishes wont only be budget friendly, but fashionable too. They can also be reliable, for example, faux timber won’t rot or bow like the real thing. Porcelain also won’t stain like Carrara marble. Other faux designs you may see will be faux foliage and faux grey floors, which are actually a lot easier to stain than the real hard wood floors.


05/09 Texture

2017 will also bring texture. Designers want to enhance the connection and engagement by using material manipulation such as pleating, folding and stitching in velvets and cottons. It will bring a new sense of comfort.


06/09 Navy is the new black

Whether you would like a feature in your room, or to re-decorate kitchen cabinets, navy blue is the preferred alternative to black. Giving a traditional feel with a modern twist, navy pairs well with any colour scheme and ensures the room won’t feel too small.


07/09 Artisanal instead of DIY

DIY ideas pulled from pinterest and instagram have been a huge obsession over the past few years. Designers are now looking more towards traditional design with character rather than quick and easy. You will see the return of glass blowing and woodworking with real craftsmanship needed.


08/09 Raw white

Think chalky whits and bone whites. It look unearthed and handmade. It is about natural beauty and imperfections. Organic with a bit of texture.


09/09 Less is more

Designers will embrace fold up rooms and appliances to preserve precious square footage in a space.


We designed a dark blue room at the end of 2016, much to our clients delight. Let us know if you try any of these trends this year and how they work for you!

How can your lighting effect a room?

When it comes to interior design, lighting plays a more important role than you may realise. Some people view it as purely functional but don’t see the bigger picture. With the right lighting in place you can completely transform the look and feel of a space.

Lighting can make a small room feel larger

Some people aren’t sure how to decorate a ‘smaller’ room to make it feel bigger. One of the easiest ways to make your room feel bigger is by making some small changes to your lighting.

Natural light does this automatically, but if you a restricted to windows, or the windows are fairly smaller, there are options. You could consider upgrading them to larger windows, allowing more light which will make a huge difference.

Another idea is forcing peoples eye-line upwards. When your eyes move vertically rather than horizontally, rooms come across larger. To do this, you can place light fittings higher on your walls, or look at using pendants hanging from the ceiling. Recessed lighting can have a similar effect, with lights set into the ceiling or wall. These lights won’t take up any additional space in your room, but will make it feel brighter and more open.

Lighting can affect the mood of a room

People often feel, or think they feel happier and more positive during the bright sunny days of spring and summer, and that during dark nights of winter they feel downbeat and more lethargic. Although it may be due to personal preference, lighting has also been proven to have a noticeable effect on our moods. Decreasing the amount of light someone receives could lead to feelings of sadness, while increasing light could lead to more positive emotions.

Using bright lighting to fill the room can keep the positive energy, but emphasising on darker cosy spaces using candles and dimmable lighting can keep the mood right for the time of year. You can also try lanterns and LED net lighting to create different effects. Embrace it!




Here are some lighting suppliers to try:

Furniture and Lighting centre:

Heathfield & Co:

8 Interior Design Decorating Tips

Interior designers don’t follow a hand book when designing, there are no rules to what we do. We like to think we are creative types by nature who love to imagine, dream and explore different ideas, however crazy they may be. That said, there are a few things we think we can share with you which ensures a great design every time. These can help you whether you are at the planning stage, or you are ready to make tweaks to a room you already love.

room-colour1.Pick your paint colour last

Most people tend to choose the paint colour first, but paint colours can change from space to space. Natural light is one which would mean a colour would work better in one space but not the other. You want a colour that will compliment your furniture and accessories, so once you have that chosen, let the paint colour bounce off that.




2. Give your furniture breathing space


Resist overcrowding or cramming in a room. You want to make a room feel spacious with easy daily manoeuvres, which helps if your on a tight budget, you may not need as much as you think! Spend the money on fewer but better quality pieces and the space will feel much better rather than being busy in every aspect.

3. Hang artwork at right height


The average eye level is 57 inches- 60 inches from the floor, the centre of your art piece should be at the same level. Galleries work by this rule, you should try the same! Stick to the human scale, not structure scale- this means no matter the height of the ceiling, the rule is always the same.

4. Know how to arrange furniture on a rug


Two rules you can follow. All on: make sure the rug is large enough to put all pieces of furniture onto the tug. Front on: Only half of the items need to be on the rig, this is a more cost effective way of designing as it will involve a smaller rug!

5. Create a focal point


Don’t make every accessory a focal point, it will result in visual noise. Your focal point might be a dramatic hood in the kitchen, a mantel and art piece in the living room or a headboard in the bedroom. Make it personal and something that draws the attention.

6. Vary the scale


What looks good in one room, may look out of place in another. For example in the shop it may be the perfect size, bring it home and it is too over powering. Something else to consider is the proportion of accessories. Varying the height for interest, or using multiple numbers, are two different yet effective ways to use accessories. Photo frames need to fill the space, either by using larger images, or a collection of frames. A small photo in the middle of a large space will look out of place.

7. Add layers of lighting


In a room where everything is lit evenly, nothing stands out. Pick a focal point and highlight that. Add general ambient lighting and some lower lighting, like table lamps, for interest and helping to set a mood.

8. Be bold


Personality is what makes a space great. Make your own statement and have fun. The more you try, the more you will begin to see what works and what doesn’t. Crazy patterns and large chandeliers show charisma and a bit or character!

Top ways to keep warm this winter

Ideally, we would all be sitting next to a log fire, feeling the heat on our faces, listening to the crackle of the logs, with a warm glow around us. We can’t always do this to create a warm, cosy living room this winter, but we know other ways to make your space just as good!

Wr49bce47739aa14c4fa3e636c88a4fc8cap up

Imagine its cold outside, you have made a nice cup of hot chocolate, sinking into your luxurious sofa, piled high  with  soft cushions and cosy blankets. Emphasise on the textures bringing out furs and chunky knits. Add a rug to the floor, theres nothing more appealing in this weather than softness and cosiness, you had no idea how easy it is to create it!

Dark is cosy

This is a fact, dark rooms are cosy! It’s very in at the moment to decorate walls, skirting, window frames and even ceilings. Darker colours look cosy, especially when the sun is going down.


Embrace the space

If the space is small, embrace it! As we say, cosy is in. Dark colours, dim lights, large rugs and blankets you can really sink into. Perfect for this time of year.


b5abf5933b4c2e7fa7c116d714353b8eControl the lighting

Get rid of the harsh lighting, use more dimable side lamps and candles to help create a warm glow emphasising your cosy living room this winter.


Surround yourself with what you need

No one wants to move too much this time of year. Keep everything right where you need it, so you can do as little of that as possible. A side table to rest your drink and winter reading, scented candles around the room, hot water bottles, dimmed side lighting, board games galore!




Websites we love to help you collect the perfect accessories to create this space:

Cox and Cox


Rowen and Wren