The finishing touches. Trimmings seem to be a popular trend this summer for the Fashion industry but don’t forget about interiors, soft furnishings love a bit of trim too! It’s a stylish finish and that little detail can give your interior that extra special touch.

You can be smart or just have some fun adding trim to soft furnishings particularly curtains, blinds and cushions. There are lots of trims to choose from my favourite being the Pom Pom trim which is fun, playful and can really finish off your chosen item.

If you want to elongate your windows you can use trim cleverly by having it at the top and the bottom of your window treatment, this draws the eye up and down. A tassel trim would give this a bigger impact, block trims work also.

If you have children and have concerns of tassels being pulled / played with or maybe hanging trims aren’t really your thing we have solutions for this! Ribbon, block fabric trims, rickrack are all examples.

Alternatively if you don’t fancy having trim you can finish the window off with rich tassels or unique tie backs which can make a huge difference to a room. If you’ve chosen a plain blind or curtain material you can use a tie back to add some pattern and pops of colour.

Overall I think that trimmings can be great especially to jazz up plain fabrics but they can also finish off a patterned fabric using a trim with the same colours. It doesn’t matter whether you choose trim for your curtains or tie backs whether it be, pom-poms or fringe, beads or ribbon trim; it’s the little details which can have a decorative impact.


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