New year, new me! 2017 trends

9 home trends that will help shape your room in 2017


01/09 Bright Green

Named the 2017 pantone colour of the year, greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization. This is the cheery shade you will see in not only home decor, but fasion and commercial design too!


02/09 Butterflies

They are starting to appear more in design as a happy motif. Used as home decor and in products. A symbol of optimism and grace, it is no longer linked to a child’s bedroom, but used in a variety of sophisticated spaces.


03/09 Mixed patterns

First spotted in 2016’s New York fashion week, this decor idea will appear even more in 2017. The pattern lovers can this year be content knowing that no statement piece is too much or too busy.


04/09 Faux finishes

This year faux finishes wont only be budget friendly, but fashionable too. They can also be reliable, for example, faux timber won’t rot or bow like the real thing. Porcelain also won’t stain like Carrara marble. Other faux designs you may see will be faux foliage and faux grey floors, which are actually a lot easier to stain than the real hard wood floors.


05/09 Texture

2017 will also bring texture. Designers want to enhance the connection and engagement by using material manipulation such as pleating, folding and stitching in velvets and cottons. It will bring a new sense of comfort.


06/09 Navy is the new black

Whether you would like a feature in your room, or to re-decorate kitchen cabinets, navy blue is the preferred alternative to black. Giving a traditional feel with a modern twist, navy pairs well with any colour scheme and ensures the room won’t feel too small.


07/09 Artisanal instead of DIY

DIY ideas pulled from pinterest and instagram have been a huge obsession over the past few years. Designers are now looking more towards traditional design with character rather than quick and easy. You will see the return of glass blowing and woodworking with real craftsmanship needed.


08/09 Raw white

Think chalky whits and bone whites. It look unearthed and handmade. It is about natural beauty and imperfections. Organic with a bit of texture.


09/09 Less is more

Designers will embrace fold up rooms and appliances to preserve precious square footage in a space.


We designed a dark blue room at the end of 2016, much to our clients delight. Let us know if you try any of these trends this year and how they work for you!


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